About my Academic Work

I am a critical race scholar-activist who is interested in the intersections between communities, culture, neoliberalism, social justice, race and education. I have been the joint-academic lead for MMU’s Critical Race and Ethnicity Research Cluster. My Brazilian work currently builds on research that I started in MMU’s Critical Race and Ethnicity Research Cluster and have since continued in MaCTRI (MEaP Academy Community Training & Research Institute).

Since academic enterpriseteaching, research and knowledge exchange are important interdisciplinary markers in my growing field of academe, my work sometimes finds me exploring these malleable concepts within the context of participative creative media, as I am also a composer and musician. You will be able to read about (and listen to some of) my compositional work in this blogsite.

Here is my Academic CV, where in context, you will be able to see some of the clippings (press and other media content, in the blogsite posts) that show the intersection between my artistic, social and academic enterprises. You will read in detail what I have been up to and what I am currently doing.

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