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Introducing Revelation Kollektiv

Lurking in the undergrowth of Manchester’s music scene amongst all the great (and, let’s face it, not so great) guitar bands there is a unique trio trying to rally the troops in the name of NuJazz. They are Revelation Kollektiv and are one of the most accomplished bands to be found circulating around Manchester. They take their reference points from MAW, Jamie Lidell, Koop, St Germain and Quantic Soul Orchestra and are here to show that there’s a more diverse sound coming out of Manchester following in the success of recent guitar bands such as Doves and Elbow.

The founder members of Revelation Kollektiv, who hail from London and Aberdeen, met in Manchester in the winter of 2005. The present line up was completed in 2010 with the addition of an exceptional drummer from Cornwall. With the combined efforts of three guys, Revelation Kollektiv aims to continue to create tunes that are “the perfect antidote to a Sunday morning hangover” (as quoted by

Inspiration behind My Sunny

Revelation Kollektiv is fronted by a man named Ornette Clennon (b. London) whose voice oscillates between the smoothest jazz whisper to a beautiful yet almost operatically powerful soul vocals that pull you in like a magnet. “This guy’s voice is so powerful it blew the desk inputs when I first recorded him,” states Ord. Manning the controls is the laptop-toting Aberdonian, David Ord, who has a fondness for retro, Northern Soul sounds; which combined with his jazz/funk bass lines adds bite to drummer, Che Beresford’s (b. Cornwall) infectious and joyous grooves.

Just some fun with my writing partner, David Ord aka DJ L’Ordinateur

Over the past 10 years, Revelation Kollektiv (with its varied line up of classical, electronica and world music settings) has gained its eclectic sound by working with some big hitters across all musical genres such as Soul 2 Soul, Keir Stewart (Durutti Column), the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Pete Lockett, Moolah Rouge and the Smith Quartet amongst many others; culminating in showcase gigs up and down the country including the Big Note in London and the HMV Showcases in Manchester.

Some of our releases….

(2003[2014]) Where Can I Go? (deluxe edition) [EP, CD]. ft. Christian Fontana, Subie Coleman and The Edinburgh Quartet. Revelation Kollektiv Records: UK

Available at all outlets including iTunes

(2007[2013]) One Last Time (deluxe edition). [a/b side, vinyl, deluxe CD]. Revelation Kollektiv Records: UK

Available at all outlets including iTunes

(2013) “You Never Call Me (Old Skool House remix)”. [single, CD]. Dr O’s Little Songbook [album, CD] Revelation Kollektiv Records: UK

Available at all outlets including iTunes

(2010) Dr O’s Little Songbook. [album, CD]. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Moolah Rouge Studios. Matchbox Recordings: UK

An eclectic jazz fusion collection of songs; a collaboration featuring the amazing talents of Che Beresford from Capercaillie and Keir Stewart from The Durutti Column. Released by Matchbox Recordings.

Available at all outlets including iTunes

(2010) “My Sunny (dance remix)”. [single, CD]. Dr O’s Little Songbook [album, CD] Matchbox Recordings: UK

Available at all outlets including iTunes

(2003) [Guest Artist] “Cool Water” [album track 3 (special edition), CD] Change by Ray Wilson Recorded and mixed at Jaggy Thorn Studios. Insideout Music: UK, Ger

A collaboration with former Genesis and Stiltskin frontman Ray Wilson. Released by Insideout Music.

Available at all outlets including iTunes