Some of my Projects….

Here is just a selection of some of my community, music and research/enterprise outputs. To see more and to read the research outputs resulting from my projects, please read the Community Enterprise Research section in my  Academic CV

A video trailer for the AHRC Keeping it Real? performance at the BBC

An MMU/BBC music and film project exploring race and media representation with young people.

More details here. For more research details (including the full film), please visit the Project page at MMU’s Critical Race and Ethnicity Research Cluster.

A video trailer of the conference Making Education a Priority: Alternative Approaches

For some details about how this education conference with Diane Abbott, MP as keynote speaker, formed the starting the point of my research into community enterprise regeneration in Hulme, read “Some of my Thoughts….” Our conference also played a part in Manchester Metropolitan University’s community engagement programme for the building of the Brooks Building (formerly known as the Birley Fields Campus) and was reported as an educational impact in the Birley Fields Campus Interim Impact Assessment – Final Report.

My book from this project is called Alternative Education and Community Engagement: Making Education a Priority and was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2014.

Making Education a Priority (MEaP) Creating a hub of supplementary schools in Manchester

As a result of the Making Education a Priority conference, above, the communities who attended wanted to explore the possibility of strengthening their supplementary school provision across Manchester by creating a hub of schools. The hub seeks to work in partnership with schools, universities and culture providers to raise educational aspirations in their communities. For more details please visit our website here.

Here are two of our first supplementary schools who have been instrumental in developing the hub:

To see the inspiration behind how we will link our work with Manchester’s culture providers, please read “Some of my thoughts….”

To gain a sense of how MEaP fits into our Public Engagement agenda, please read “Some of my thoughts….”

Here is a trailer for our 2016 Symposium

For more research details, please visit the Project page at MMU’s Critical Race and Ethnicity Research Cluster.

An Interview about Only You 2.0

This was an Arts Council funded residency at the Axis Arts Centre (Cheshire) where I wrote a dubstep gamelan track for members of the Halle Orchestra, Frances Lynch and members of Electric Voice Theatre, Live electronics (Guillaume DuJat des Allimes), MC Hypes and of course Dr Rachel Swindells and her amazing gamelan orchestra. We premiered the piece as part of the Halle’s Focus on Gamelan Festival which celebrated their move into their new Halle St Peter’s venue.

A video about Only You 2.0 Axis Arts Centre/Arts Council England residency

Dr Rachel Swindells and I also ran gamelan workshops in Hulme as part of the project. For more details, see “Some of my Thoughts….”

Young Musicians for Heritage Project

This was a Department of Contemporary Arts (MMU) lottery-funded music and music technology project that I ran, which artistically and physically linked urban communities in Crewe and Manchester in a common appreciation of their local rail inspired heritages. This project laid the foundations for our award winning partnership with one of our Manchester based community enterprises The Youth Village. You can read more about the further implications of this project in “Some of my Thoughts….”

You can read our paper from this project here. For more outputs from this extensive project please click on the picture.

Interviewing our Elders (9)

Reson8r Music Research Project

Reson8r was the name of our cross university research team comprising researchers from Oxford Brookes University and University of Staffordshire. We were commissioned by Make Some Noise, in partnership with the Staffordshire Neighbourhood Policing Unit and Staffordshire Children’s Services, to conduct some research into finding out whether music workshops could change young people’s attitudes towards offending behaviour. Here is some of the music that our young people wrote.

Abbey Hulton, North Stoke CAMHS Residency

This was a mental health residency that I led at the Abbey Hulton Clinic, North Stoke CAMHS. The young people wrote songs that explored different aspects of their mental health and wellbeing. We also measured their attitudes towards their self image (SIP) before and after the residency.

HMPYOI Werrington Music Technology Project

This was a music technology project that I led, which was part of the award winning Sonic [db] Music Technology in Prisons project, initiative.  Using music and creative writing, this project looked at the inmates’ attitudes towards their offending behaviour, which included examining issues such as homophobia, misogyny, drugs and gun crime.

Longstone Masterpieces (Longstone Resource Centre Residency)

This Lottery-funded residency with my community education enterprise, Revelation Community Arts, involved adults with learning difficulties writing their own tracks and directing and filming their own music videos. This film was premiered at Edinburgh’s Filmhouse cinema.

My community work between 1995 – 2014

Scotland: My work as a community music practitioner, composer and community outreach consultant

Summary of Responsibilities:

– I have led music workshops across a vast range of communities.
– I have also delivered staff CPD training in using music as an outreach tool for communities and a therapeutic tool for workshops in Special Needs units.
– I have also led music workshops which formed part of self-advocacy programmes with adults with learning disAbilities.
– I have led music workshops in various mental health settings, exploring the transference of musical self-efficacy to mental health coping mechanisms
– I have worked as a Scottish Arts Council-commissioned composer with my social enterprises One Voice, Revelation Collective and Revelation Community Arts

Edinburgh and the Lothians

Cherry Road Resource Centre, Orcadia Learning Centre,

Longstone Resource Centre, Awards for All, Midlothian Council,

  • See Longstone Masterpieces (2000) Produced by Revelation Community Arts Edinburgh: Longstone Resource Centre Available at: [Accessed: 12 Feb 2013].

Stepping Stones Mental Health Project

  • See Clennon, O.D. (2013) Two Case Examples using Participatory Music as a Therapeutic Metaphor in a Community Mental Health Setting in the UK. International Journal of Community Music Vol.6, No.1, 33 – 44 DOI: 10.1386/ijcm.6.1.33_1

Corner Project, Mental Health, Headway: Astley Ainslie Hospital, Outlook Mental Health Project: Royal Edinburgh Hospital, St Joseph’s Hospital, Garvald Adult Training Centre, Scottish Participatory Initiative, Telford College: Learning Support Unit, Firrhill Physical DisAbility Centre, Action on DisAbility Development Project,

Queens Hall Education Outreach

  • See (1996) ‘Revelation’ helps city adults look in Available at: [Accessed: 12 Feb 2013].

Adult Learning Project, Columcille Adult Training Centre, Choices Community Care, Capability Scotland, Drake Music Technology Project, Scottish Parliament Project (Second Chance to Learn), Voice House Community Choir, Richard Demarco ‘Europa Imprimata’ Project,

Edinburgh University Rain Forest Project

  • See Miller, M. (1991) Party Atmosphere.The Scotsman, Wednesday December 18th. [Hidden Song for string quartet] Available at:  [Accessed: 13 Feb 2013].

Scottish Arts Council, Edinburgh City Council, BBC Scottish Radio, BBC Television,

International Red Cross

  • See Wiggins, G. (1995)One Voice: Conflict and Unity Concert Available at: [Accessed: 3 Nov 2013].
  • See Wiggins, G. (1994)One Voice: Concert for Rwanda Available at: [Accessed: 12 Feb 2013].


  • See (1998) A heartfelt musical tribute to justice Available at: [Accessed: 12 Feb 2013].

Tollcross Adult Training Centre

  • See Osborne, N. (1992) A Celebration of Cultures, Glasgow 11 February – 23 April 1991. In Strugnell, S. (ed.).Scottish Chamber Orchestra Yearbook,  91/92. [Miniature I for Miniature I for chamber orchestra, soprano, mixed voices and monochord]  Available at:  [Accessed: 13 Feb 2013].


England and the Regions: My work as community music practitioner, education consultant and evaluation consultant

Summary of Responsibilities:

– I have led music workshops and gamelan workshops in schools, colleges, universities, youth clubs, PRUs, theatres, adolescent mental health units and young offenders institutions which to varying degrees involved accrediting the work undertaken via the Arts Awards
– I have worked as a consultant advising on teacher-mentoring schemes (CAPE UK), an adviser to help set up diversity forums in prisons across the country and an adviser to help set up Public Engagement programmes in galleries
– I have worked as an evaluation consultant in the education and youth justice sectors
– I have worked as a PRS and ACE-funded composer in residence
– I have worked as a volunteer youth worker with youth groups

Berkshire  (Creative Partnerships)

CP Slough


Buzzin’ (youth group) South Cheshire Clasp, Sherborne Bungalow Youth Club, Axis Arts Centre (Only You 2.0)

  • See Clennon, O.D., Boehm, C. (2014) Young Musicians for Heritage Project: Can a music-based Heritage Project have a positive effect on Well-being?Music Education Research Journal  16, No. 3, 228-251 DOI: 10.1080/14613808.2014.909395
  • See Clennon, O.D., Boehm, C. & Hamilton, H. (2012)Young Musicians for Heritage Project: Final Evaluation Report. [report] Crewe: Manchester Metropolitan University, IPR, DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.5107.5045
  • See Clennon, O.D. & Boehm, C. (2013) ‘Minding the education gaps: Young Musicians for Heritage’. Paper presented at: RIHSC Conference 2013– Manchester Metropolitan University Research Institute for Health & Social Change, 5th July
  • See
  • See NCCPE Award:
  • Taylor, L. (2012)Heritage Track. [email about the Young Musicians for Heritage Project] Message to Clennon, O. Sent 28.10.12. Available at:
  • Wye, B. (2011) The Teachers’ Show: Young Musicians for Heritage Project [radio broadcast]Redshift Radio. Sunday August 28th Available at: [Accessed: 15 September 2014].


Hope Valley College (composer in residence)


HMP Channingswood  (Diversity Forum)

East Lancashire  (Creative Partnerships)

Moor End Community Primary School

  • See Clennon, O.D. (2009) Facilitating Musical Composition as “Contract Learning”: The development and application of a Teaching Resource for Primary School Teachers in the UK.International Journal of Music Education,  27, No. 4, 300-313 DOI: 10.1177/0255761409344373
  • See May, C. (2007) Spotlight. Possibilities: Creative Partnerships East Lancashire – Renewal through creative learning, Iss. 3 p.20.  Available at:  [Accessed: 12 Feb 2013].

Casterton Primary school, Bradley Primary School, Whitefield Primary, Peel Park Primary, Thorn Primary School, Cedars Infant School, Hawthorn Junior School, St Mary’s RC Primary School

Greater Manchester

Cheetham Hill Primary School, Pikes Lane Junior School (CAPE UK)

University of Salford, Oldham Coliseum Theatre Education Outreach: Crompton House CE School, Woodheys Primary School, Chadderton Hall Primary School, HMP Manchester (Strangeways) (Diversity Forum), HMP Styal (Diversity Forum), Emica Consulting,

Loreto College, Manchester Academy (Only You 2.0)


London: Guildhall School of Music and Drama (community music, Lottery funded Queen’s Anniversary Prize-winning Guildhall Connect Programme)

Merseyside (CAPE UK)

Knowsley Hey Comprehensive School, St Aiden’s Junior School, St Aiden RC School, St Bede’s Infants, St Bede’s Juniors, Elton High School

Open Eye Gallery (public engagement consultant)

  • See Clennon, O. D. (2010)Open Eye Gallery Evaluation Report: Young Creative Collaborators’ Programme [report] Oxford: Oxford Brookes University DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.2359.1764

Midlands  (Creative Partnerships)

Black Country Creative Partnerships

  • See Dunne, N. and Haynes, A. (2007)The Art of Looking Sideways: The role of Creative Agent in supporting School improvement. [report] Wolverhampton: Black Country Creative Partnerships. Available at 23 [Accessed: 12 Feb 2013].

Oxfordshire  (Creative Partnerships)

Ashmead Primary School, Oxford Brookes University


Lancashire Youth Offending Team, Prescap (evaluation consultant)

  • See Clennon, O. D. (2009)Evaluation of Lancashire Youth Offending Team (LYOT) and Prescap Artists’ Introduction Programme . [report] Oxford: Oxford Brookes University DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.3674.3761


 High Peak Community Arts Summer School at Sheffield Hallam University


Cannock Chase PRU, Chaselea PRU

  • See Clennon, O. D. (2009)Make Some Noise Final Evaluation Report: SoundProof Plus Programme. [report] Stafford: Make Some Noise. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.2289.4561

Abbey Hulton Clinic: Stoke CAMHS

  • See North Stoke CAMHS (2007) Abbey Tracks [album, mp3] Make Some Noise: Staffordshire Available at: [Accessed: 15 Aug 2014].
  • See See Clennon, O. D. (2009)Make Some Noise Final Evaluation Report: SoundProof Plus Programme. [report] Stafford: Make Some Noise. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.2289.4561

Darwin Centre: North Staffordshire Hospital, Biddulph Youth Centre, Orme Road Youth Centre

  • See Clennon, O. D. (2009)Make Some Noise Final Evaluation Report: SoundProof Plus Programme. [report] Stafford: Make Some Noise. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.2289.4561
  • See Dillon, L. (2010)Looked After Children and Music Making: An Evidence Review London: Youth Music Available at: 26 [Accessed: 12 Feb 2013].

Silkmore Youth Club, Mile End Youth Club, Fazeley Youth Club, Staffordshire Children services, Staffordshire Neighbourhood Police Unit,

  • See Clennon, O.D. (2013) How effective are Music Interventions in the Criminal Youth Justice sector? Community Music making and its potential for community and social transformation: A Pilot Study.Journal of Music Technology Education, Vol.6, No.1, 103 – 130 DOI: 10.1386/jmte.6.1.103_1
  • See Reson8r Music Research Project (2009) Make Some Noise: Silkmore and Mazeley tracks [tracks, mp3] Make Some Noise: Staffordshire Available at: [Accessed: 12 Aug 2013].
  • See Jarvie, H. (2009) Music to the Ears of Silkmore [news release]Staffordshire Police Available at:   [Accessed: 12 Feb 2013].
  • See Clennon, O.D. (2015)Urban Dialectics, the Market and Youth Engagement: The ‘Black’ Face of Eurocentrism? New York: Nova Publishers ISBN: 978-1-63463-808-1, ISBN: 978-1-63463-817-3

HMPYOI Werrington

HMP Dovegate (Diversity Forum)

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