Some Recommendations and Awards….

For more details please read the Impact section of my Academic CV

Award NCCPE Manchester Beacon Recognition Award (2011) Winner: New Partnership “Music Label as Partnership”
Recommendation from Making Education a Priority (MEaP)
Recommendation from the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education (NRCSE)
Recommendation from Public Health England
Recommendation from the Collaborative Partnerships Office; Widening Participation (MMU)
Recommendation from Manchester City Council
Recommendation from the Federal University of the Amazonas, Brazil
Recommendation from the Northern Chamber Orchestra
Recommendation from Staffordshire Police: Jarvie, H. (2009) Music to the Ears of Silkmore [news release] Staffordshire Police
Recommendation from the Project Coordinator: Smith, C. (2007) [Sonic [db] Co-ordinator] HMPYOI Werrington [letter about my work on Sonic [db] Project] Letter to Clennon, O. Sent 7.6.07
Recommendation from an HMPYOI Werrington inmate: Lee, M. (2007) HMPYOI Werrington: Sonic [db] Music Technology in Prisons [radio broadcast] BBC Radio Stoke (an inmate, 3:57) Monday July 24th
Recommendation from the Women’s Library: Taylor, L. (2012) Heritage Track. [email about the Young Musicians for Heritage Project] Message to Clennon, O. Sent 28.10.12.

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