Measuring the Impact of the Arts from the perspective of the Cultural Provider, 7.6.16

Sustainability, Impact, Identity and the University Arts Centre: A Panel Discussion, 2012

Here is a transcript of a panel discussion that I contributed to in 2012 . My contribution directly addressed the impact of cultural activities on audiences and wider communities and it also explored models of how this could be measured. This discussion was subsequently published by the European League of Institutes of Arts (ELIA) in 2014.

Background context

The centenary celebrations of MMU Cheshire in June 2012, afforded the Department of Contemporary Arts an opportunity to engage in pubic discussion on a variety of issues relating to the contemporary arts. The Department engages in learning, teaching and research across the following disciplines: Dance, Drama, Theatre, Music, Creative Writing, and socially engaged Community Practices. It is also home to the Axis Arts Centre, which provides a publically funded programme of performance work in South Cheshire. This transcript brings forward an exchange of ideas between members of staff involved with considerations of sustainability and impact of our Arts Centre provision in the context of the multiple communities it serves.

The transcript, here.

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