A quick reaction to the shooting of Antonio Martin, 24.12.14

Here is a Storify archiving some of the twitter responses by the “social journalists” who use this platform. This is important as significant counter narratives from eye witness accounts are being shared on social media but not necessarily by mainstream media.

For more academic discussion that unpacks some of the societal issues underpinning this latest in a long line of tragic deaths, please read my post about my latest book, Urban Dialectics, The Market and Youth Engagement: The ‘Black’ Face of Eurocentrism?

This book forms part of my historical campaigning and ongoing activities in this area of social justice. In 1996, I was commissioned by the Edinburgh Contemporary Arts Trust (ECAT) to a write a piece for string quartet, voice and live electronics. I was very much influenced by the One Million Man march in Washington and the essays of James Baldwin (The Fire Next Time). Here, you can read more about my piece, “What has happened to all that Beauty?”

A couple of years later, I campaigned to raise awareness of the then fresh Stephen Lawrence case. The resulting Scottish Arts Council-commissioned organ work, inspired by Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech was premiered in the Edinburgh Festival. Here, you can read more about, “Tribute to Mr King” and here, as well.

For my enterprise work exploring some of the issues around why our black youth are disproportionately represented in our youth justice system please read here.

To read about my other pieces of activism around issues of race, racism and education, read my other posts

here (Black Men and Racial Patriarchy)
here (Cultural theory, race and Stuart Hall)
here (Anti racism campaigning)
here (Community education and Race)
here (Structural discrimination and hidden privilege in Education)

The activism continues on multiple fronts…

Please visit my Academia.edu page

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