Starbucks’ racial bias training alone won’t fix a racist society, 24.4.18

Here is a piece of mine published in The Conversation

Anti-racism protestors sit in at the Starbucks where two black men were arrested. EPA-EFE/Bastiaan Slabbers

I’ve found myself tweeting my moral outrage a lot recently. From #DrivingWhilstBlack to #WalkingWhilstBlack#LivingWhilstBlack  and #EatingWhilstBlack, there have been endless occasions when African Americans are punished for merely being in public spaces.

The latest took place at a Starbucks coffee shop in Philadelphia. Two African American men were arrested for apparently sitting and waiting for a friend to arrive. It follows a long list of events, including police shootings and high-level harassment of unarmed African American people while on footin their cars, at pool parties or even while playing with toys. And it is part of a worrying trend of criminalising the “black body”.

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Published by: Ornette D Clennon

Composer, Musician, NCCPE Public Engagement Ambassador. Dr Clennon is also a Visiting Research Fellow in the Research Centre for Social Change: Community Wellbeing at Manchester Metropolitan University and Visiting Professor at the Federal University of the Amazonas.

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