Letter to MP: EU Referendum – Please sign the EDM 269


On Tuesday 24 January, 2017, the Supreme Court upheld the High Court’s ruling that parliament should get a vote on triggering Article 50. Read more here and here.

On Thursday 3 November, 2016, the High Court ruled that parliament should get a vote on triggering Article 50. Read more here and here.

On Wednesday 12 October, MPs in the Chamber debated Parliamentary scrutiny of leaving the EU. Watch the debate here. Read the transcript here.

E-petition updates

A petition calling for a parliamentary debate and vote, here. Watch the debate, here. Read the transcript, here

A petition calling for a second referendum and the government’s response, here. Watch the debate here. Read the transcript here.


Headline Request

Reposted and modified from Staircase2: The Ramblings of My Brain.

Permission granted by Stephe Meloy, original letter here.

Request –  I ask if you could call on tabling a Parliamentary debate (with full scrutiny) and a vote before invoking Article 50, in order to maintain Parliamentary Sovereignty. I ask that you add your name to the Early Day Motion (269) sponsored by Caroline Lucas, see below

An Early Day Motion (EDM 269) sponsored by Caroline Lucas , here.

I, along with much of the Country, was appalled and devastated by the outcome of Thursday’s Referendum on our membership of the EU. While there were doubtless some Leave supporters who had the best of intentions, I fear the vast majority were manipulated into voting Leave for spurious, dubious, and factually incorrect reasons. In effect, they were bamboozled.

I did not see one credible reason being put forward by the Leave Campaign as to why we should leave. Their xenophobic campaign was based on lies and disinformation, deliberately trying to appeal to a little Englander mentality. On the basis that the information delivered to the Electorate was not legitimate, I would argue that the legitimacy of a 52-48 Vote outcome is also moot.Equally, such a close result cannot be said to be the decisive outcome that we should require of such a monumental decision.

However, as the Referendum was not legally binding because it was only advisory, I would like the vote to be debated and voted on in parliament. I believe that it would be unconstitutional and unlawful to trigger Article 50 without going through due parliamentary protocol. Please read the examples below arguing this point.

UK government faces pre-emptive legal action over Brexit decision: Legal action is being tabled  by businesses to invoke an Act of Parliament before enacting Article 50. Read here.

Q&A: Article 50 Legal Challenge, here.

Professor A C Grayling’s letter to all 650 MPs urging Parliament not to support a motion to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, 1 July 2016, here.

How to stop Brexit: get your MP to vote it down, here.

Parliamentary Debate and Vote (Sovereignty)

Please call for a tabling of a debate with a vote in Parliament by supporting EDM 269 as a matter of urgency, where due scrutiny and reflection can be given to such an important decision. I urge that you take your constitutional responsibilities seriously by ensuring that our Parliament remains sovereign in the deciding of the future of the United Kingdom.

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