Book Alert – The Polemics of CLR James and Contemporary Black Activism, 1.9.16

Please keep an eye out for my latest book with Palgrave Macmillan. I’ll let you know when its out!

Here’s some blurb about it to whet your appetite:

What is going on with Brexit, the Labour Party and Theresa May’s audit on racism in the UK and what do they have in common with the wartime decline of the British Empire, the rise and fall of the trades unions and the Italian invasion of Ethiopia? Clennon draws on case examples of contemporary black activism in South Manchester and contrasts them with events that surrounded C.L.R. James and his activism between 1935 and 1950. Clennon then dialogues with James’ theoretical frameworks around capitalism, neoliberalism and post-colonialism and uses this creative interplay of ideas to help make sense of contemporary events and issues of social justice from a UK ethnic minority perspective. Using Fanon, Gordon, Marx and Chakrabarty amongst others, Clennon explores James’ take on dialectical materialism and uses this as an ongoing analytical tool throughout the volume with which he weaves an uneasy path between Post-Colonial and Post Marxist theories.


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