My contribution to the 6th International Conference on Community Psychology (6ICCP), in Durban, RSA, 27.5.16 – 30.5.16

I delivered two papers at the conference.

Keeping it Real? Research as Intervention, Youth Activism and Community Empowerment via the use of Participatory Arts

Here is a link to my presentation  I made about my Keeping it Real? project (also included some twitter buzz). The paper examines the hidden processes of community relationship building in the preparation for a research project. This paper very much builds on the themes I explored in 5ICCP

The ‘Black’ Face of Eurocentrism: What’s Whiteness Got To Do With It?

Here is my concept paper with a Storify from the round table discussion, Underneath Blackness, led by Dr Deanne Bell. My paper and extended Storify critical reflections map out my view that the market disrupts the process of the embodiment of ‘blackness’ via its capacity to reorientate the psychic interior of ‘blackness’. I also argue that ‘blackness’ is only kept alive as a market relation, as its real world, embodied forms are too heterogeneous for it to have any real meaning.

Once you click on ‘concept paper’, you will need to scroll down to 6ICCP for my material.


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